How to Move PDF Content to Word

By Lanae Carr

One of the major benefits of using a PDF, or portable document format, is security. You can send documents to a variety of recipients, and no matter what type of software they use, they will not be able to make revisions to your file as long as it remains a PDF. However, information can be extracted from a PDF file without converting it to a new file type. You can quickly move PDF text content to Word.

Step 1

Open your PDF file and your Microsoft Word program. If you are moving content to an existing Word document, click "File", and then "Open" on your Word toolbar. A dialog box will open, allowing you to browse your documents to locate the file. Once you have located the document, highlight it and click "Open "in the dialog box.

Step 2

Maximize your PDF file window. Select the content you would like to move to your Word document using the "Select Text" button. This button can be identified by a cursor symbol and arrow.

Step 3

Click "Edit", and then "Copy" on the top toolbar. Next, reopen the Microsoft Word window. Click "Edit" then "Paste" to insert the copied content.

Tips & Warnings

  • While the text may transfer smoothly, font styles and graphics cannot be copied & pasted from PDF to Word.