How to Move the Pages in Word 2007

By Diana Braun

Word 2007 is a word processor application developed and distributed by Microsoft. It is one of several applications bundled in the Office 2007 suite of products. Students, educators and business professionals use Word 2007 to create documents, presentations, proposals and more. Word 2007 allows formatting and page layout. Users may need to change their content and needs, and move pages around within a document. Users can move content with ease using a few native commands of Word.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word 2007. Open the desired document by clicking the "Office" button in the top menu, selecting your document and clicking "Open."

Step 2

Click inside the page you wish to move with the mouse cursor. Press the "CTRL" key and the "A" keys simultaneously to select the entire content of the page. Press the "CTRL" key and the "C" keys simultaneously to copy the entire content of the page.

Step 3

Click inside the page that will come just before the new page. Click "Insert" from the top menu and click the "Blank Page" icon. A new blank page will be added just after the page you clicked in.

Step 4

Place your mouse cursor inside the new blank page. Press the "CTRL" key and "V" keys simultaneously to paste the content of the moved page.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 -- 4 to move additional pages in Word 2007.