How to Multitask on the iPad

By Dave Renn

Multitasking finally comes to the iPad with iOS 4.2. No longer do iPad users need to exit programs to open a different app. Apps will stay open in the background, allowing users to quickly switch between their favorite apps. Best of all, Apple has made it easy for iPad users to learn how to multitask.

Step 1

Open any app on the iPad.

Step 2

Press the "Home" button once to return to the apps home screen.

Step 3

Open a different app by touching the icon.

Step 4

Press the physical "Home" button twice in rapid succession.

Step 5

Select the original app (or any other recently opened app) from the resulting multitasking menu on the bottom of the screen to switch to that app.

Tips & Warnings

  • All recently used apps will show in the multitasking toolbar until they are formally closed.
  • To formally close an app, bring up the multitasking app menu. Then press and hold your finger on an app icon until it wobbles and shows a red circle in the upper. Touch the red circle to close the app.

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