How to Obtain a Phone Book

By Kenyonda Bradley

Your phone company should provide you with an updated phone book annually to keep you up-to-date with the phone number, address and name changes of businesses and residents in your area. If you have moved to a different city or if your phone book has been lost or damaged, you can easily obtain a phone book from your local phone company.

Step 1

Contact your local phone company by phone. Tell the representative you would like to obtain a new phone book. Verify your residential phone account and any additional information requested of you.

Step 2

Wait for the representative to process your order. Depending upon your phone company, you may be charged a fee to obtain another phone book if records show you have already received one.

Step 3

Check your mail or doorstep in a few days to verify if you have received your phone book. Most phone books are sent through the mail; however, many phone companies hire third-party companies to deliver the phone book to residential locations.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some phone companies allow you to order a phone book online. Visit your phone company website to verify if this option is available to you.