How to Open a New Window in a Full Screen

By Brendan O'Brien

Windows-based programs give you the option of how big your windows are on your screen. This is a nice feature when you are dealing with different types of content. If you are watching a video, you probably want the window as big as possible. To adjust the size of a window, it takes just a few moments.

Step 1

Close all windows.

Step 2

Open the program window that you want to be in full screen. Make sure you only have one window open.

Step 3

Click the middle box in the top-right corner of the window so it is a single square and not two squares.

Step 4

Move your cursor to the edge of the window so it becomes two arrows. Press and hold your left mouse button and move the window outward. You can do this on all four sides to maximize the size of the window.

Step 5

Click the "X" in the top right corner of the window. When you open the program window again, it will be the same size you made the window in Step 4. In some programs, you can click "View" in the main menu bar, scroll down and click "Full Screen." This will completely maximize your window.