How to Open a WAV File

By Wanda Thibodeaux

Waveform audio format files, better known as WAV (pronounced "wave") files, are a type of audio file used on CDs. They are playable in most stereos and CD players. If you want to open the file to play it or to edit it, you have to have a program compatible with this format. ITunes is among the most popular programs that can open WAV files.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes

Step 1

Click your desktop if you're on a Mac to switch to the Finder. Right-click on the wav file and select "Get Info." Click on the arrow next to "Open With." Select iTunes as the application you want to open the file and close the information window. Your computer now will use iTunes to open the file if you double-click on the file icon.

Step 2

Click the file to select it if using Windows. Right-click and choose "Open With." Choose iTunes from the list of available programs. If iTunes is not already in the program list, navigate to iTunes by selecting "Choose Program" under "Open With." Once iTunes is selected, Windows should automatically start iTunes and the WAV file should appear in your iTunes library list.

Step 3

Click on the WAV file in your iTunes library list to select it. Click the "Play" button. Alternately, simply double-click on the WAV file in the list.

Tips & Warnings

  • The above method works for virtually any program compatible with WAV files, such as Realplayer, Winamp and VLC Media Player. If the program is set to enqueue the file in the program playlist, simply select the file from the playlist on the program interface and then use the program controls to start playback. Otherwise, playback should start automatically once the application starts.