How to Open an EMZ

By Joe Lewis

EMZ files are actually enhanced metafiles (EMFs) that have compressed utilizing GNU Zip compression. EMF files are typically used by Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio, and are classified as vectorized image files, which means that their image quality isn't compromised based on scaling. To view these files, they must first be extracted from the GNU Zip format and then opened using the appropriate software application.

Things You'll Need

  • GZip or PeaZip
  • Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Konvertor or XnView

Step 1

Download GZip or PeaZip. Install and launch one of these application to extract the EMF file from the EMZ archive.

Step 2

Download Konvertor or XnView and install the application if you do not have a copy of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Visio already installed.

Step 3

Open Windows Explorer, locate the extracted EMF file and double-click it to open it in its respective application.