How to Open BIOS Settings on a Sony VAIO

By Margaret Worthington

Accessing the BIOS settings for your Sony VAIO will allow you to configure the basic hardware options for your computer. In some cases, you may wish to do this in order to tweak a setting or to try and fix a problem that has occurred. The process of entering the BIOS is extremely simple and requires no specialized computer skills.

Step 1

Restart your computer and watch the screen carefully as the computer starts up. Look at the splash screen logo for a key that is marked as being the one that will open "Setup." This key will either be F2 or F3, depending on the model of your VAIO.

Step 2

Press the indicated key several times as the computer as booting up to access the BIOS settings. If your computer starts booting Windows, you will need to restart your computer and try again.

Step 3

Once inside the BIOS, make the needed changes and then exit the BIOS settings by pressing the ESC key.