How to Open WinRAR Without a Password

By Ty Flowers

WinRAR is an archiving program made by RARLabs for the Windows operating system. Many people who download .rar files from the Internet will find that the files are protected by a password. The content within the .rar file is often fully functional, but if you have lost or forgotten the password, it can seem inaccessible. There is a method for getting around this issue, however, and it is not terribly difficult using a RAR password recovery program.

Download Password Recovery Program

Step 1

Go to the website of your preferred RAR password recovery program (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Download."

Step 3

Open the file that downloads and click "Install."

Crack the Password

Step 1

Open your password recovery program.

Step 2

Click "File," "Open" and choose the encrypted .rar file you are attempting to unarchive.

Step 3

Click "All Printable Symbols" within the "Brute Force" tab or similar equivalent. Every program is different, so you may have to consult the help file of your particular program for exact instructions.

Step 4

Change the "Minimal Length" for the password length to "1" and the "Maximum Length" to "128." Make sure that you are searching for all possible password combinations.

Step 5

Click "Brute Force Attack" in "Attack Method," and click "Start." The program will take several minutes to attempt to determine the password. When it completes, attempt to open your .rar file using WinRAR and use the password that your recovery program just determined. Your file should open.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not attempt to use this method or software to illegally obtain access to an encrypted file that you are not authorized to access.