How to Open WPS Files on a Mac

By K.C. Winslow

Microsoft Works, the inexpensive word processing program for the Windows operating system, produces files in the .wps format. While .wps files are very common, files in this format are a source of headaches for many Mac users because the common Mac word processing, such as Microsoft Word for Mac and Apple Pages, cannot open them. However, there are several options available to Mac users who need to access .wps files.

Step 1

Use File Juicer to extract the text from the file. File Juicer is a shareware application that will search any file format for information you specify and save the information as a new file. To extract the text from the .wps file, you drop it on the File Juicer application.

Step 2

Convert the .wps file to a .doc, .txt or .pdf file for free online with Zamzar. This website provides free conversions between a number of formats including .wps. You have to sign up for an account because Zamzar emails you a link to download the converted file after you upload the file to the system.

Step 3

Open the file on a Mac using the free open source suite of office applications, NeoOffice. NeoOffice Writer can open .wps files for viewing, editing and printing. You can also use NeoOffice Writer to save the .wps file in a different format.