How to Open XLS Files

By BeckW

XLS files belong to Microsoft Excel and contain information such as graphs and financial statistics. XLS files are used from Microsoft Excel '97 to Microsoft Excel 2003. These files are often generated and sent by banks, financial institutions, employers and office workers to show financial information. You will need Microsoft Excel 2003 or Later to properly view all XLS files. Microsoft has released the Microsoft Excel Viewer to allow Windows users who do not own Microsoft Office to view these files.

Step 1

Download the Microsoft Excel Viewer from the link in the Resources section below.

Step 2

Run the downloaded file and accept the license agreement. Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 3

Click "Finish" when the application has finished installing.

Step 4

Open Microsoft Excel Viewer from the Start menu.

Step 5

Click "File," "Open." Choose a drive letter and navigate to the file through the folder list.

Step 6

Click the file and then click "Open." Microsoft Excel Viewer will import it into excel.

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