How to Operate a Laptop Without a Battery

By Denisa Gipson

Contrary to what you might think, most laptops can be operated without a battery. A battery allows you to go anywhere you want and use your laptop, without the constraints of being tied down to a power outlet. However, if you are near an outlet and your battery has died or is too old to retain any life anymore, your laptop can still be operated by plugging in the power cord.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop AC Adapter

Step 1

Locate the AC power cord. Since you do not have a battery, you will need an AC power cord to operate the laptop.

Step 2

Plug the circular end of the AC cord into your laptop. The plug-in on the computer should be somewhere on the side or behind and below the screen. Plug the three-prong end of the AC cord into the wall.

Step 3

Turn on the power button on your laptop. If you have plugged both ends of the AC cord all the way in, and your AC power cord is working properly, your computer will turn on.

Step 4

Boot up your computer and use it as you normally would. The laptop will operate the same way it does without a battery.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try sitting close enough to a power outlet so you are not stretching the power cord very far.
  • If you unplug the AC cord at any time from your laptop or the wall, you will lose power immediately, since you do not have a battery as a backup.