How to Operate a Multi-Line Telephone System

By Jay Darrington

One of the tasks you may face if you are a receptionist, secretary or someone's assistant is having to answer calls. More often than not, the phone that is used is known as a Multi-Line telephone. This is a phone that has more than one line connected to it so that multiple callers can call the lines that the phone connects to. Your task, therefore, is to learn how to use the phone properly.

Step 1

Pick up the receiver on the phone when the phone rings.

Step 2

Press the button next to the line that flashes. This usually indicates that someone is calling someone on that line.

Step 3

Place the call on Hold if needed by pressing the "Hold" button.

Step 4

Transfer the call by pressing the "Transfer" button on the phone, then dialing the extension or phone number of the person you want to transfer the caller to, then press the "Transfer" button again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to be polite to anyone who calls, despite their emotional status.
  • There are many different phones with many different ways of doing the above tasks, as well as additional features unique to certain phones. Always consult the specific phone's manual whenever possible.