How to Operate a Nortel T7316

By Alexis Lawrence

A Nortel T7316 is a multi-line telephone with a display screen and one-touch buttons for many practical features. The T7316 is designed specifically for high-call-volume situations. Key features in the Nortel T7316 include an audio control center for easily switching between speakerphone, headset and handset options, plus a direct station select field, which includes one-button call transferring, plus station monitoring capabilities, which make it easy to know if a phone station is already in use. With all of the Nortel T7316's capabilities, there is a lot to learn; but a few basic functions can get you started right away.

Things You'll Need

  • Nortel T7316

Step 1

Answer the phone with the handset, headset or speaker. To answer by handset, simply pick up the receiver of the phone. To answer by headset, press the headset button on the phone. To answer by speaker, press the hands-free button. The headset and hands-free buttons are located to the right of the mute button on the bottom of the phone. To hang up if you are using the handset, return the receiver to the cradle. To hang up when using the headset or speaker phone, press the release button.

Step 2

Transfer a call with the station monitoring panel. This panel will be on the right side of the phone. To transfer, press the Norstar symbol, 7, 0, and press the button of the person you want to transfer the call to on the station monitoring panel. You will be able to speak with the person at the station, but the caller will be unable to hear. Press the release button, which is a receiver with a down arrow, to complete the transfer.

Step 3

Park a call by pressing the Norstar symbol, 7, 4. This puts the caller on hold on a retrievable line, where the call can be answered by anyone. The phone will display a retrieval code for the parked call. Parking a call is useful when paging.

Step 4

Retrieve a parked call by selecting an internal phone line and dialing the retrieval code that was given in your display. The buttons for the internal lines are near the top of the phone under the display and are appropriately marked "Line 1," "Line 2" and so on. Press the button to select the line and dial the code.

Step 5

Use the "Page" button to make an announcement over the phone system. When you press "Page," a set of beeps will sound, indicating that the system is open. Once the system is open, whatever you say into the phone will be heard through the speaker of each station's phone. When you have finished the announcement, hang up or press release to end the page.