How to Organize Collections on the Kindle

By Denise Howard

The Amazon Kindle is the top-selling e-book reading device, edging out competitors such as the Nook and the iPad. The Kindle allows readers to download books and audiobooks as well as to store personal documents. Organize these items into collections to make it easier to find and access them.

Step 1

Select "Create New Collection" on the home screen of your Kindle. Choose a name for your collection and click "save." Repeat for each collection.

Step 2

Add content to each collection. Highlight the collection's name on the home screen. Scroll to the right and select "add/remove items."

Step 3

Highlight a title and choose to add or delete it from the collection. If it is currently in the collection, it will be followed by a check mark. Click "Done" when you are finished editing your collection.

Step 4

Sort by collection. Highlight "Showing All Items" at the top of the home screen and select "Collections" from the menu.

Step 5

Select the collection you wish to browse.

Tips & Warnings

  • Collections are stored by Amazon as well as on your Kindle, making it possible to transfer collections between registered Kindles on your account.
  • You can associate books with more than one collection, allowing you to categorize an item multiple ways.