How to Organize iPhone Applications

By Whitney Coy

Your iPhone can hold a lot of applications. That's great news if you want an app for everything. It's bad news if you like an organized Home screen. You can move your icons around from screen to screen, but sometimes that's just not enough. iPhones operating on iOS 4 and above have the ability to create folders, making it much easier to keep your Home screen neat and tidy.

Step 1

Place your finger on any icon on your iPhone's Home screen and hold it there until the icons start to jiggle in place.

Step 2

Drag an icon you want to move across the screen and drop it in the place you want it to be. If you drop it between two icons, the existing icons will move down one space to make room for the relocated one.

Step 3

Drag an icon and drop it on top of an existing icon to create a folder. Both icons will go into the folder and the folder will be named automatically by your iPhone. Change the name by tapping on the name when the folder is open and typing in a new name when the keyboard opens.

Step 4

Place up to 12 applications in each folder.

Step 5

Press the Home button on the bottom of your iPhone to set all icons and folders in place.