How To Organize iPhone Icons

By Aaron Wein

The home screen is the iPhone home base, so to speak, displaying all of the user's applications, such as the calendar, messenger and iTunes. Eventually, the home screen may become cluttered with unused applications. Fortunately, Apple allows users to organize these application icons right from their iPhone using its touch-screen functionality. Using this feature, users can also add additional home screens to further organize their icons.

Step 1

Navigate to your home screen on the iPhone by pressing the home button.

Step 2

Touch and hold your finger on any icon on the home screen.

Step 3

Release your finger when the icons start shaking. You can now organize the icons.

Step 4

Touch and hold your finger over the icon you wish to move.

Step 5

Drag your finger to the desired location. Release your finger when you wish to drop the icon.

Step 6

Drag additional icons to your desired location if necessary.

Step 7

Press the home button to save the changes.