How to Organize Pictures in Folders

By Holly Mccoy

With the invention of the digital camera, many people have now found they have dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures on their computer. Putting these pictures into separate folders can help keep them more organized for when you go to finally develop them.

Step 1

Open up your Pictures document by clicking on the Start button, scrolling to Pictures, and clicking. Click on a blank part of the My Pictures screen. This will open up the "Picture Tasks" on the left, if it is not already opened.

Step 2

Bring your cursor up to "Picture Tasks." Click on "Make a New Folder." A blank folder will appear on the screen. In highlighted blue, "New Folder" will be written below it. Right-click your cursor inside the box and then erase it. You can then rename your folder.

Step 3

Repeat these steps until you have as many folders as you believe you need.

Step 4

Rename them however you like them. For instance, you may want a folder for your kids, one for your spouse, one for your pets, one for scenery and one from your vacation.

Step 5

Right click and drag the pictures you want into the appropriate folder. To put a copy of a picture into a folder, left click a picture, click "Copy," and then left click again on the folder and click "Paste." This will give you a second copy of the picture in the folder, but leaves the first copy where it was.

Step 6

Delete folders (if you decide you have made too many) simply by left clicking on the entire folder and choosing "Delete." You can also use this method to rename a folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may find it easier to organize pictures by date.