How to Organize the Bookmarks on My MacBook

By Julius Vandersteen

When you surf the Internet with Safari, the free Web browser that Apple installs on every MacBook, you may want to remember certain sites, so you bookmark them you so you can easily visit them again later. When you only have a few bookmarks to sort through, it's easy to find the sites you want to visit. But as you accumulate a large number of different types of bookmarked pages, you may want to organize them.

Step 1

Click on the Safari icon in the Dock on your MacBook to launch the Web browser.

Step 2

Click "File" from the Safari menu, and then click "New Window.

Step 3

Click "Bookmarks," then click "Show All Bookmarks," and then click "Bookmarks Bar." A list of all the bookmarks you have created will appear in a list, in chronological order.

Step 4

Examine your bookmarks to find patterns. For example, you may have bookmarked your hometown's newspaper a few months ago, and two weeks ago you bookmarked the local paper of the town you currently live in, along with the home pages of a couple of national magazines. Since these are all news-oriented, you could organize them into one place.

Step 5

Click the plus sign at the bottom of the Safari window on the left side to create a new folder, and then type a name for it, such as "News to Read Daily." This folder appears under "Bookmarks" in the left side of the window.

Step 6

Click on "Bookmarks Menu" to see your uncategorized bookmarks. Press the "Apple" key on the keyboard while clicking on each newspaper and magazine bookmark in the list to select them. Drag these bookmarks into the "News to Read Daily" folder you just created. Now when you click on "Bookmarks" from the Safari menu, you will see this "News to Read Daily" folder, which you can click on to reveal each bookmark inside.

Step 7

Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the Safari window to create another folder, and this time drag all the bookmarks of sites that you've been meaning to go back to when you have some spare time. You could name their folder something like, "Bookmarks to Investigate."

Step 8

Click on a folder under "Bookmarks" and drag it up or down in the list to change its location. You might want to put your news bookmarks folder at the top of the list because you visit them frequently, and keep a folder with bookmarks of your friends' blogs about poetry and auto repair at the bottom of the list, because you don't intend to visit those blogs very often.

Step 9

Right-click on a bookmark or a folder and then click "Edit Name" if you want to change its name, and then type the new name.

Step 10

Click on a bookmark or on a folder of bookmarks and then press the "Delete" key on your keyboard if you want to remove it.