How to Pair a Plantronics Headset

By Amy McClain

Plantronics makes several wireless headsets, designed to connect to any type of mobile phone that supports a Bluetooth headset profile. Regardless of the specific Plantronics device you have, you'll need to pair it with your phone before it can be used. Pairing is a one-time setup process that creates a secure connection between your phone and the headset. After you pair the devices, they can communicate any time they are turned on and within range.

Step 1

Connect your headset to the charging source and allow it to charge fully. A complete charge typically takes two to three hours--the indicator light will turn off when charging has completed.

Step 2

Disconnect the headset from the charger and keep it powered off.

Step 3

Power on your mobile phone and press "Menu," then choose "Settings." Open "Bluetooth" and choose "On" to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 4

Slide or push (depending on model) the headset's "Power" button to turn it on. Some headsets support "Quick Pair" and automatically enter pairing mode the first time they are turned on. (The headset is in pairing mode when the indicator light flashes red and blue.) If the headset does not go into pairing mode, press and hold the center "Call Control" button until the lights begin flashing.

Step 5

Press the phone's "Menu" key and select "Settings." Choose "Bluetooth" and select "Add New" or "Search." Wait for your phone to locate the headset.

Step 6

Choose the name of your headset (Plantronics, followed by a model number) from the list of discovered devices. Enter "0000" when you are prompted for the passkey--the devices are now paired.