How to Pair Phones

By Amy McClain

Pairing phones is easily accomplished through the use of Bluetooth technology. Pair your Bluetooth-enabled phone with a friend's device to transfer pictures, sound clips or contact information without wires. You'll need to go through a few simple steps to accomplish the pairing, and each phone must be turned on and within range. Each device also most have built-in Bluetooth technology. While this is basically a standard feature on current devices, older cell phones may not be capable of completing this task. Check with your manufacturer for details.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled phones

Step 1

Ensure the phones you wish to pair are turned on and within 33 feet of one another. This is the maximum broadcasting distance of Bluetooth radio waves.

Step 2

Enable Bluetooth on each device by turning it on. For the majority of phones, this is accomplished by accessing the Bluetooth option in your phone's "Settings" or "Options." The phones should also be set to "Discoverable" so they are able to communicate and be seen by one another. Typically, this option appears on the same screen as the Bluetooth "On/Off" setting.

Step 3

Search for nearby devices with one of the phones. We will refer to the searching phone as Phone A throughout the instructions. From Phone A, select "Add New Device" or "Discover New Device." Phone A will search for Bluetooth-enabled devices. When searching completes, a list of discovered devices will display.

Step 4

Scroll to the name of Phone B and select it. Phone B will receive an alert, asking for permission to pair with Phone A. Choose "Yes."

Step 5

Enter in a password on both Phone A and Phone B when prompted. For smart phones and some more advances devices, you may enter an alphanumeric code of your choosing. Each phone will need to enter in the same code. For basic devices, the code will be "0000." Again, be sure to enter the same passcode on each device to confirm the request to pair. Once this occurs, the phones will automatically pair.

Tips & Warnings

  • These are general instructions designed to aid you with the pairing all Bluetooth devices. If you are unable to complete the task, consult your phone's user guide for more specific instructions.