How to Password-Protect a Word 2007 File

By Catherine Lovering

Microsoft Word 2007 is a user-friendly word processing program that allows easy access to documents and enables you to modify text size, font, and security features. If you wish added protection for a Word 2007 document, you can password-protect it by clicking on the options provided in the Word document and keeping a record of the password you have chosen.

Step 1

Open a Word file.

Step 2

Click on the Microsoft Office icon at the top-left corner of your screen. From the menu that appears, choose "Prepare".

Step 3

Click on "Encrypt Document". A dialog box will appear that asks you to choose a password for the document. Enter your password and enter it again to confirm it.

Step 4

Make note of your password. The password is not recoverable, so if you forget the password and do not have it written down, the document will remain locked.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you wish to change your document password, simply open the document with the old password, and repeat the tasks outlined in Steps 1 through 4. Your old password will appear in the dialog box as the default password, but you need only to delete it and enter a new password in order to change it.