How to Pay Etisalat Bills Online

By Missy J. Talbot

Etisalat is an email and Internet service provider. If you have Etisalat for your email company, your Internet company or your telephone company, you can use its online page to log in and pay your bills. Paying bills online with Etisalat means you spend less time writing checks, and you save on stamps. It is easy to pay your bills online with Etisalat.

Step 1

Navigate to Etisalat's main page.

Step 2

Click the down arrow at the top of the "Login" box and choose "Etisalat Online Services."

Step 3

Enter your user name and password into the log-in box. If you do not have this information, check your current Etisalat bill for your account number and use the "Create Account" link to create an account.

Step 4

Choose "My Account" and then "View Current Bill." Click "Make a Payment" to make an online payment. You'll enter your checking account or credit card information to do so.

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