How to Personalize a Monthly Calendar Using Word

By Diane Steinbach

Having a desk calendar doesn’t do the best job of reminding us of meetings and special dates. Creating a more graphic monthly calendar can help remind all the family members of events and keeps those PTA meetings and birthday parties right at the forefront of our minds. You can easily make and personalize a monthly calendar using Microsoft Word that will help you share information and photos in a fun and personal way. Got a computer and printer? Let’s personalize a calendar template that will keep you on track all month long.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • Digital photo files

How to Personalize a Monthly Calendar Using Word

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word to a blank document.

Step 2

Find the Microsoft Office Online toolbar on the right side of your window. Go to the “Search for” box and type in “monthly calendar.”

Step 3

Your search results will list many options under calendars, so feel free to browse through them to find one that meets your needs the best. You’ll be able to choose an academic calendar, a Monday through Sunday calendar and even a template that shows six months per page. For this project I choose the 2008 calendar with blue border.

Step 4

Click on the selected calendar and download. A new page will open with your calendar template.

Step 5

Now, personalize it with some photos. Click on a date square and then go to “Insert.” Next, go to “From file,” and then select a photo you’d like to use. Click on the photo and it will automatically resize to fit the square.

Step 6

Add some clip art in the same manner. Select a date square and go to “Insert.” Go to “Picture,” then choose “Clip art” and type in a search term. For example, if you have a birthday during this month, select a birthday clip art and insert it in the appropriate square.

Step 7

Resize your image if necessary by grabbing the small squares around the edge of the image and dragging them to size.

Step 8

Type in special events or reminders. Simply click on the date needed and type in the event you want to remember. Highlight the text and make it bold or a different color using the text tool bar. The “B” will make the word bold, and the letter “A” with the color swatch under it changes the color of the text.

Step 9

To change the color of the name of the month, click in the text box where the month appears, and highlight the month. Go to the top text toolbar and look for the “A” with the color swatch beneath it and click. You’ll see many color choices pop up; simply choose one and click OK.

Step 10

When ready, print off your computer and display on the fridge or family desk area.