How to Pick An Email Address

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Electronic mail, or email, as it is widely referred to, began in the 1970s but didn't become popular with the public until the 1990s. Now, it's hard to believe we ever lived without it. Most people are familiar with email and have set up at least one email account. Picking an email address that is right for you at work or home can take a bit of thought.

Step 1

Pick more than one email address for your personal use. While an email address of "luckymom @" is okay to use with family and friends, it's not the best choice to use on a resume or on contact info for any type of employment. In that type of situation, it's better to create an address that is just your name, such as "janesmith @"

Step 2

Set up email addresses for your business after considering the functionality. For instance, create email addresses for "sales @" and "info @" to allow some anonymity but still provide your customers a way to send and receive company information. Most web-hosting providers have packages that allow multiple email addresses. Take advantage of this offering and set up accounts for your business that are attached to a job or category, as opposed to a particular person. You can create individual accounts as well. Most larger companies set up email naming conventions for their employees using some variation of "first and last name @"

Step 3

Don't overlook the importance of an appropriate email address for small business owners and sole proprietors. If you are a Realtor working from home, and you've signed up for Internet service through your local cable or phone company, you most likely have an email address like "johnsmith @" While it may be convenient for you to use this account for all your personal and professional emails, it's not an effective marketing tool for your business. You are much better by an email address that is reflective of your business, such as "JohnTheRealtor @"

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