How to Place an Ad on Google

By James Robert

Google AdWords is the world's leading internet advertising service and is responsible for the "Ads by Google" that appear on virtually every for-profit Web site. AdWords is used by people who want to pay money to place ads on Web sites and works in conjunction with Google AdSense, a service for site owners who want to make money by displaying those ads. AdWords searches the content of a subscribed AdSense site and then displays the most appropriate ads based on a set of advertiser-selected keywords. The cost of placing ads is determined by per-click "bids" on each keyword for each ad.

Step 1

Click on the "Sign Up For Google AdWords" link in the Resources section of this article.

Step 2

Click on the "Create a New Account" button.

Step 3

Enter your account details, including a valid email address. Choose a password and click "Create Account."

Step 4

Select your country of residence, time zone and preferred payment currency from the appropriate drop down menus. Click "Continue."

Step 5

Wait for AdWords to send an email message to the address you provided during registration. When this email arrives, verify the address by clicking on the link within the message.

Step 6

A new Web page or browser tab will open, telling you that your email address has been confirmed. Click the link the says "Click here to continue."

Step 7

Click "Create your first campaign."

Step 8

Enter the details for your campaign (the campaign is the ad or ads you wish to place). Choose a name for the campaign and tell AdWords which countries and regions in which you would like your ad to appear.

Step 9

Confirm that "All available sites and devices" is selected under the "Networks, devices and extensions" option. This setting is the default setting and should be changed only by advanced users.

Step 10

Set a daily budget by entering a whole dollar amount in the appropriate text box. Select whether you'd like to pay a set price (bid) when someone clicks on your ad, or whether you'd like AdWords to try to automatically determine the best price (bid) for your ad.

Step 11

Create an ad. Google AdWords ads are made up of: A headline, two lines of text, a display URL (short version) and an actual URL (full version).

Step 12

Select 10-20 keywords that are specifically related to your ad.

Step 13

Click "Save and Continue to Billing."

Step 14

Select the country where your billing address is located from the drop down menu and click "Continue."

Step 15

Choose your billing method. "Postpay billing" charges your credit card or bank account once ads are run and clicked on, while "Prepay billing" charges your credit card and creates an AdWords balance to be used to pay for your ads. There is no particular advantage to either method, so choose the one works best for you and click "Continue."

Step 16

Read the Google AdWords Terms and Conditions. If you understand and agree to them, click "yes, I agree," and then "Continue."

Step 17

Enter your credit card or bank account information, then click "Save and Activate." Your AdWords account is now active, and the ad you created will begin running on the network as soon as it is approved.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep in mind that your daily budget is actually a monthly budget, averaged out per day. That means that if your daily budget is $5, you're actually authorizing AdWords to run your ads until you owe $5 multiplied by 30, or $150 per month.