How to Place GPS Tracking Devices on Vehicles

By Palmer Owyoung

Maybe you want to keep track of your teenager's driving habits when he borrows the car on Friday nights. Perhaps you have a few employees who work outside of the office and you want to be sure that they are doing their rounds and not slacking off at the park in the middle of the day. Whatever the reason, if you want to track a vehicle, using a GPS device is probably the easiest way.

Things You'll Need

  • Vehicle GPS tracking device

Step 1

Find a GPS tracking system that fits your needs. A few models to consider are the SpyMatrix Pro, the Nano and the World Tracker. A few places to look for them are at, SpyAssociates and (links are listed below the article). These stores carry the latest GPS trackers for vehicles that range in price from $99 to $500 as of 2010.

Step 2

Turn the GPS device on by pressing the power button and placing it in the glove box of the car. Most GPS tracking devices as of 2010 are self-contained units and do not require installation. If you do not have access to the interior of the vehicle, opt for a weather-proof GPS box that comes with a magnetic strip that allows you to attach it to the front or rear bumpers.

Step 3

Log onto the website that you receive when you purchase your GPS tracker. You will see a map with a blinking dot on it. This is the GPS device inside the car. When the dot moves, you can follow it along the map. Track the car anywhere it goes by logging into this site from any computer, PDA, or Smart Phone with Internet access.