How to Play 5.1 for My VLC Player

By Stephen Lilley

The open source VLC Media Player is a computer program capable of playing audio and video on your computer. If the audio or video file you are playing supports 5.1 channels of discrete audio (also called "surround sound"), VLC Media Player is more than capable of outputting to that format. It will not, however, do so by default. You will need to manually enable the 5.1 capabilities of VLC Media Player while your clip is playing.

Step 1

Open your media clip in VLC Media Player. You can either open VLC from the "Start" menu and select the "Open" button to manually select your clip, or double-click on your clip if VLC Media Player is the default media player on your computer.

Step 2

Right-click inside the VLC Media Player window.

Step 3

Click "Audio."

Step 4

Select the listing for your media clip's 5.1 audio track. This track will immediately begin to play, and you will now hear true surround sound from VLC Media Player.