How to Play a Blu-Ray in Windows Media Center

By James Clark

A Blu-ray disc is the same size as a familiar DVD but with five times the storage capacity and capable of high-definition resolution for viewing on HDTV or a computer equipped with a Blu-ray drive. On computers running a Microsoft operating system and equipped with a Blu-ray disc drive, Windows Media Center is the default software program for playback of these high-definition discs. The Media Center controls work essentially the same as the buttons on a standalone Blu-ray player. Just click a button with the mouse.

Things You'll Need

  • PC with Blu-ray disc drive and Windows Media Center

Step 1

Eject the Blu-ray drive tray by pressing the rectangular button on the drive door.

Step 2

Set a disc into the tray with the label facing on top and shut the drive tray.

Step 3

Click the "Start" button on the desktop if the presence of the Blu-ray in the disc drive does not launch Windows Media Center automatically.

Step 4

Click "All Programs" and double-click "Media Center" to open the program.

Step 5

Use the mouse or down arrow key to highlight "Movies" and click on "Play Blu-ray Disc."

Step 6

Click the "Play" function on the main screen or click the triangular button at the bottom of the screen to begin playing the Blu-ray disc.