How to Play a M4A File

By Zeus Tyrone Mendoza

M4A files provide better audio quality at a greater compression rate than MP3 files. Apple distributes popular song titles on M4A files at its iTunes Store. You can play these files on a VLC media player, an open-source software program that can handle many types of files.

Step 1

Download VLC media player. Go to the VLC website (see Resources) and, based on your computer's operating system, download the appropriate setup file.

Step 2

Install VLC media player. Open the VLC setup file after you have downloaded it from the website. The contents will self extract onto your computer.

Step 3

Prepare to play your M4A files. Drag and drop them into the VLC player. The M4A file name will appear on the VLC's play list screen.

Step 4

Press the play button. Your VLC media player will start playing your M4A file.

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