How to Play a Microphone Through PC Speakers

By Robert Ceville

Since computers come with an internal sound cards for capturing audio, we should know how to hook up a microphone to record our voices. Whether for narrative purposes or just for karaoke fun, connecting an external microphone to your PC can prove beneficial. With speech-to-text software, you can even transform a recording of your voice into readable text. With the right instruction, you can hook your microphone up to your PC in virtually no time.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4-inch-to-1/8-inch audio adapter
  • Microphone with 1/4-inch cable
  • Digital audio workstation

Step 1

Plug the microphone's cable into the 1/4-inch-to-1/8-inch adapter. Since PC sound cards normally only feature 1/8-inch jacks, the adapter will prove necessary for making the proper connection.

Step 2

Plug the remaining end of the adapter into your computer sound card's "Mic In" jack. Most cards have three 1/8-inch jacks---one for "Line In," one for "Line Out" and one for "Mic In." As you are only hooking up a microphone at this point, ignore the other two jacks.

Step 3

Open your digital audio workstation, such as Acid, Ableton or FL Studio, then arm a new track. You should now see the signal coming from your microphone on the screen. You should now be able to hear sound from the microphone through your PC speakers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Standing too close to the computer speakers will cause feedback and may damage the speakers.

References & Resources