How to Play a Photo Slideshow on a TV

By Robert Gray

Technology has come a long way from the days of a family sitting in the parlor and passing around the old family photo album. Today the entire family can just sit back in their easy chairs, turn on the TV set and DVD player, press the "Play" buttons, and watch a professional quality photo slideshow with fancy transitions and dissolves as well as music. There are many photo DVD slideshow programs online which you can try for free on your TV before ordering. Almost all of them have the same options and work the same way.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with DVD burner
  • DVD photo slideshow program maker
  • DVD disk
  • DVD player
  • TV set

Create & Play a DVD Photo Slideshow on a TV

Step 1

Do a search online for a DVD photo slideshow program. Download a free trial version onto your computer to test it out on your TV.

Step 2

Organize your digital photos into album files on your computer.

Step 3

Click on "Organize Photos" in the slideshow program and select the photos from the album files on your computer hard drive that you want for the slideshow. Once the photos have been imported into the program, you can edit them, move them around and place them in the order you want them seen. You can also delete photos as well as as add captions and transitions effects. Finish by adding music and music effects. Click on the "Preview" tab to view what you have created and make changes or edits.

Step 4

Design the menu for your DVD next. Click on "Design Disc Menu." Select a template. The template decides how your photo album will be shown on the TV. Add background music for the menu. Click "Preview Tab" when finished to view how the final menu and photo slideshow will play on your TV.

Step 5

Click on "Burn DVD" button when you are done creating and editing your photo slideshow. Before burning, mark your choices on tabs for: The DVD File System (Copyright, Publisher & Volume Label), The TV System (NTSC or PAL, TV Cropping Value & Applying Anti-flicker Filter), and DVD Recorder Options (Recording Speed, Simulating & Disk Burn Proof Protection).

Step 6

Insert the DVD into your player, select the menu option you want, and your photo slideshow will play automatically on your TV set.