How to Play an IFO File

When a DVD is inserted into a computer there are normally two folders contained on it. One is called AUDIO_TS and the other is called VIDEO_TS. Inside the VIDEO_TS folder are normally many files with extensions including IFO, BUP and VOB. IFO stands for InFOrmation, and the files themselves cannot be played, as the files are not separate from the other files on the disk. Playing IFO files is just like playing a normal DVD.

Multiple IFO files exist on every DVD.

Playing the DVD


Locate Windows Media Player. This is normally on the Desktop, but otherwise can be located by clicking on the "Start" and then "Programs" menu.


Play the DVD in Media Player by clicking on "File" and locating the DVD in the browser window. Click on the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" file to play the DVD.


Locate VCL Media Player if you are a Linux user. This is normally contained in the "Sound and Video" section of your interface, locating this folder depends on your distribution of Linux. Click on the "Media" tab and then "Open a Disk" to locate the DVD you wish to run.