How to Play Elf Bowling

By Ian Moore

Released in 1999 by software developer NStorm, "Elf Bowling" is a classic computer game where Santa gets to knock his crazy elf employees down with a bowling ball. While you operate Santa, frogs, rabbits and other animals cross the lane while the elves snicker and taunt with hopes of distracting you. Although the original version is currently not available for download on the NStorm website, the game is available for download on other sites.

How to Play Elf Bowling

Step 1

Go to the Free Christmas Screen Savers website (see Resources). Click the link that says "Click Here" to download the original version of "Elf Bowling" that was issued for Windows 95. This version is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

Step 2

Unzip the .exe file using Winzip or another program such as IZArc.

Step 3

Click on the unzipped .exe file to install "Elf Bowling." Click "Rules" on the main menu to see a list of the rules.

Step 4

Click "Play" to begin playing. Wait until the blinking light lines up with the center arrows on the lane to aim, then press the space bar to release the bowling ball. Line up the blinking lights with the direction of the pins if you need to pick up a spare.

Step 5

Avoid hitting rabbits and frogs that may cross the lane. Aside from a few more obstacles, the same rules of regular bowling apply to this game. Click "Exit" next to the scoreboard to exit the game. Click "Quit" on the main menu to exit out of the program.

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