How to Play Free Music on a PC

By Chris Anzalone

Enjoying music on your personal computer does not require a great financial investment. In fact, you can download and play music on your PC completely free of charge, and without resorting to piracy or other illegal practices. The Internet contains many free audio programs that allow you to play and organize music, as well as free digital music libraries, from which you can download songs and entire albums. Enjoy music from up-and-coming artists, promotional song giveaways, and music in the public domain.

Step 1

Download a free music player. Examples include iTunes, Media Monkey, Windows Media Player and Winamp, all of which you can obtain instantly online. Depending on your operating system, you may already have one or more of these programs installed. For example, Mac users should find iTunes in their "Applications" folder (Macintosh HD > Applications > iTunes), and Windows users should find Windows Media Player among their "Programs" (accessed from the Start menu).

Step 2

Download free music. The iTunes Store (accessed from the left column of the iTunes window) contains a section called "Free on iTunes," which appears along the bottom of the store browser. Here you can download songs by clicking them and selecting the "Free" button to the right of the song title. You can also find free and legal songs at websites like ArtistServer, Live Music Archive,, Epitonic and Spiral Frog. Visit these websites, browse the available music and click the "Download' links to transfer songs to your hard drive.

Step 3

Open the software that you plan to use for playing your music. Drag your downloaded song files directly on to the software window to add them to the music library. If you use iTunes, just drag your song files to the middle of the iTunes window and they will become part of your iTunes music library.

Step 4

Locate the songs within your software. Now that you have added your music to the software, you must find where each song is sorted. If using iTunes, click "Music" in the left column. If using Windows Media Player, click the "Library" tab along the top of the window. If using Media Monkey, click the "Library" folder in the left column. If using Winamp, simply view the list of songs in your "Winamp Playlist" window.

Step 5

Double-click any song title to begin playing the song. Most programs also contain a "Play" button (shaped like a right-pointing triangle) and a "Stop" button. Click a song title once to highlight it, and then press "Play" or "Stop" as needed. These programs will also allow you to sort your music into playlists (folders) by selecting the "New Playlist" option from your menu bar and dragging the song titles on to the created playlists.