How to Play Messages on a V-Tech Phone 5.8

By Kenyonda Bradley

VTech manufacturers a variety of phone systems and was the first to offer the 5.8 GHz digital technology to consumers in the cordless residential telephone market. Its 5.8 GHz bandwidth allows you to experience higher voice clarity, more security and less trafficked areas than the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz bandwidths. If you own a 5.8 VTech cordless phone, your device may come with a built-in digital answering machine and voicemail alert feature. You can play messages stored on your phone system without much effort.

Digital Answering Machine

Step 1

Press the "Play/Stop" button while the phone is in standby mode to listen to your messages.

Step 2

Press the "VOL" buttons up and down to adjust the sound, or press the "Skip" button to skip to the next message.

Step 3

Press the "Repeat" button to listen to a message again, or press the "Delete" button to delete the message.

Step 4

Press the "Play/Stop" to stop the phone messages from playing and to exit the system.


Step 1

Pick up your VTech handset, and dial "*98" to access your voicemail system. Depending upon your telephone service provider, you may need to dial your phone number to access the voicemail box.

Step 2

Press the "*" key, if applicable, and enter your voicemail password when prompted to do so.

Step 3

Follow the prompts to hear to your voicemail messages. When you are finished listening to your messages, disconnect the call to exit the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Voicemail is a paid service offered through your telephone service provider.