How to Play MP4 Files in Windows Media Player 11

By Gabriel Dockery

MP4 is a new video container file that is capable of combining audio and video feeds into a synchronous playback stream. This container file requires an audio video codec to decrypt the compressed playback information. Further, this file format also requires what is known as a "splitter" filter that is used to separate the audio data and the video data from within the file itself. These components are freely available for download to allow playback of MP4 files in Windows Media Player 11.

Things You'll Need

  • K-lite codec pack

Step 1

Download and install the K-lite codec pack (see resources). This provides the necessary splitters and codecs required for viewing the file type.

Step 2

Restart the computer to allow the installation changes in system file updates to take effect.

Step 3

Navigate to the MP4 file you wish to play.

Step 4

Double left-click the MP4 file in the Explorer window. This launches the MP4 file in Windows Media Player 11 and automatically begins playback.