How to Play PC Games on a Windows Mobile

By Palmer Owyoung

During those long commutes to and from work, you might want to play PC games on your Windows Mobile device to keep you entertained. However, it is not as easy as just installing the games directly to your phone. You will need to get an emulator that will adapt the program so that it can be used on the smaller screen. It is easy to install--and, best of all, it is free.

Things You'll Need

  • PC emulator

Step 1

Download a Windows PC emulator for your mobile phone (see Reference section for some options). You can use Brighthub's emulator to play classic Windows games on your mobile phone. After downloading the application, move it to the documents folder and open the Windows mobile manager on your PC.

Step 2

Go to the "Applications" tab and look for the application that you saved earlier. Click it and go to the mobile phone's installation panel. Press "Sync" to start transferring the installer to your phone.

Step 3

Install the application via the Windows mobile phone browser. Click "Next" until the application finishes installing.

Step 4

Download the game of your choice. The application will only allow you to play classic PC games due to the hardware limitations of your mobile phone.

Step 5

Open the emulator and look for the game shortcut on your Windows Mobile phone. You will now be able to play games on your mobile device.