How to Play .SRT Files on a Mac

By J.S. Copper

SRT files are external subtitle files for use with digital video files. By default, Mac's native video application, QuickTime, will not play these subtitle files. A free third-party extension is needed to load the SRT file so that you can read text during a movie. Once installed, QuickTime will automatically play the subtitles, so long as the file is properly formatted.

Things You'll Need

  • QuickTime player
  • Perian QuickTime plug-in

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of QuickTime from Apple's QuickTime site. See Resources for a direct link.

Step 2

Download and install the Perian QuickTime plug-in. Perian is a free preference pane that allows QuickTime to handle a number of different file formats that the application cannot handle out of the box, SRT subtitle files included.

Step 3

Open "System Preferences" via the Apple menu. Click "Perian." Make sure the option "Load external subtitles" is checked. Close the Preferences window.

Step 4

Move the movie file and the SRT subtitle file to the same folder.

Step 5

Rename the movie file and the SRT file so that they both have the same name, pre-extension. For example, if the movie file is named, the SRT file must be named

Step 6

Double-click the movie file to open it with QuickTime. If you have more than one video player installed on your computer, command-click the movie file and select "Open With... > QuickTime." QuickTime will load the movie with the subtitles.