How to Plot a Graph on Microsoft Excel

By Carter McBride

Microsoft Excel allows you to track data by inputting the data into cells. Once you input data, Microsoft Excel can graph the data into a multitude of graphs. If you want to just plot a graph, use a scatter plot. This will place the dots for each data set you have on a graph. Your data set will need coordinates for the X-axis and the Y-axis. This is important because it shows data in a visual manner, instead of in a numeric manner.

Step 1

Enter you data for the X-axis in column A and for the Y-axis in column B.

Step 2

Highlight both columns.

Step 3

Click "Chart" under the "Insert" tab.

Step 4

Select "XY (Scatter)" as the chart type and click "Next."

Step 5

Click "Next" if the data is correct, from what you originally highlighted.

Step 6

Choose any of the available chart options that you want to use and click "Next."

Step 7

Highlight where you want to put the chart and click "Finish."