How to Plug an iPod Into a TV

By Colin Simpson

Some Apple iPod models---Touch, Classic or Nano---have featured video playback and are great if you want to watch when you're on the move. But back home you'd probably prefer to view your favorite movies, TV shows, music videos, photo slideshows or whatever on a big screen. The good news is you can do this by plugging your iPod into your TV using a composite or component cable. You may think that because iPods are small, the picture quality won't be good, but in fact it will be fine.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple component or composite AV cable

Step 1

Before you buy your cable have a look at the back of your TV to check what sort of connections it has. You need either composite connectors, consisting of a yellow RCA socket for video and red and black sockets for audio, or component---red, green and blue for video and red and white for audio. Different types of TVs have one or the other, or both---component provides better picture quality than the older composite standard, so if your TV has both then you'd be better off choosing component.

Step 2

Once you've decided which type of connection you want to use and have obtained your cable it's a simple matter of plugging one end into the dock connector at the bottom of your iPod and the connectors at the other end into your TV.

Step 3

Both types of cable come with a USB connector that lets you keep your iPod's battery charged up as you watch. Attach the connector to your laptop or the supplied plug-in adaptor. Don't forget to do this or else the battery could run down right at the climax of your favorite movie.

Step 4

Set up the sound. You can either plug the audio connectors into the sockets on your TV or---for better quality---into your stereo.

Step 5

Switch on the TV and, using the remote control, set the input to component or composite, as required. Then switch on your iPod, select whatever you want to watch and sit back and ENJOY!

Tips & Warnings

  • Older versions of the Nano had video playback but this feature has now been dropped. You can still view photos from your new Nano on your TV.
  • The Apple AV cables work with iPhones and iPads as well as iPods.
  • You can also connect your iPod to your TV with docks and cables made by third-party accessory manufacturers.
  • Switch off your TV and iPod when you connect them together to avoid any risk of damage.
  • With component, make sure you insert the different colored plugs into the matching sockets; otherwise, the picture will not be displayed correctly.
  • You may have to adjust the settings on your TV to obtain the best possible picture quality.

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