How to Plug Computer Speakers Into a Dell?

By Perry Piekarski

Unless you're using a laptop with built-in speakers, you'll need external computer speakers to get any sound out of your Dell PC. And even in the case of laptops, you'll get greater sound quality when using external speakers. Connecting computer speakers to your Dell PC--or any computer for that matter--is a breeze. Keep in mind that all speakers are slightly different, and read the instructions manual included with your speakers before connecting to a PC.

Step 1

Locate the sound card or headphone jack on your computer. Desktop computers have a sound card on the back or front of the main unit (where you power on your PC), featuring a green input for external sound devices. Laptops use the built-in headphone jacks for external speaker connection.

Step 2

Set up your speakers according to the user manual. Typically, this is as simple as making sure that all of the speakers are connected to one another. If your speakers include a sub-woofer (for bass sound), the regular speakers will connect through this unit.

Step 3

Plug the stereo headphone cable included/connected to your speakers into your computer's sound card or headphone jack. This input is typically green in color (though this can vary), and always has a small emblem of a speaker marking it.

Step 4

Power on the speakers. Your computer will recognize them automatically. If you don't hear any sound, troubleshoot the issue by adjusting the volume settings on your PC (click the "Start" button on the Desktop taskbar and type "Sound" into the search, then choose the "Sound" option to adjust the sound).

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your speakers at a moderate to low volume in order to avoid damaging the speakers, as well as your ears.
  • Some computer speakers connect to your PC through a USB cable. If this is the case, follow the same instructions, only connecting through one of your PC's USB ports rather than the sound card or headphone jack.