How to Post a Screen Shot in a Forum

By Techwalla Internet Editor

If you read forum posts, you have undoubtedly seen screen shots posted by other forum members. You can easily post one of your own to add an image to a communication. Some forums only allow screen shots in defined sizes so be sure you are within the guidelines.

Step 1

Locate the item on the screen that you wish to post on the forum. If you have to scroll to the bottom of the item you may need to do more than one screen shot. Treat it as if it were two or more pages.

Step 2

Press the "Print Screen" key found in the upper right section of most keyboards. When you press this key, your computer copies whatever is on your screen.

Step 3

Paste the screen shot. Go to "Start." Click on "Programs." Pick "Accessories." Click on "MSPaint." Now go to the "Edit" toolbar and choose "Paste." This puts the copied screen shot on the screen in MSPaint.

Step 4

Adjust the size of the image to no wider than 600 pixels. Go to "Image" and choose "Stretch/Skew" to make the adjustment. Save the image on your desktop with a jpg extension.

Step 5

Upload the image to a remote server. If you have your own server you can use it or there are free services that allow you to upload your jpg files. Once you upload the file, make a note of its URL.

Step 6

Go to the forum and start your post. When you are ready to insert the image click on the "Img" button. The forum software inserts the three letters "img" in brackets. Correctly enter the URL of the uploaded screen shot image. Click the "Img" button again. Now there should be a backslash and "img" in brackets.

Step 7

Preview your post to make sure the screenshot is correct. If it's not, double-check the URL. If it's correct, click "Submit."