How to Post Items to Sell on eBay

By LaDonna Hadley

Learn how to sign up for an account on eBay, post items to sell and what to do to prepare for the auction.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

To start selling on eBay, you must first create an eBay account. If you already have an account that you use for buying, you can use the same account to start selling. Upgrading to a Seller's account gives you the benefits of being listed as an eBay seller. Creating a business account is another option for people who plan to sell on a regular basis.

Creating an Account

If you don't already have an account, go to eBay and click the link to create an account. Enter your information and click Submit. When you receive your confirmation email, click the link to confirm.

Create a Business Account

If you want to create a business account, from the Create an Account page, choose Start a Business Account. Enter your information on the form, check the agreement box and click Continue. When you receive your confirmation email, click the link to confirm.


A business account gives you access to additional reports that are helpful for tax purposes.

Changing to Seller Account

Change Account Type

If you already have an eBay account but want to change it to a Seller account, go to your account page by clicking Summary from the My eBay drop-down menu. On the Account tab, click Edit on the Account Type line.

Click to Change

Enter your business name and click Change to Business Account.

Creating a Listing

Step 1

Click Sell an Item

To create a listing, choose All Selling from the My eBay drop-down menu. From the Sell menu, click Sell an Item.

Step 2

Type Description and Click Get Started

Type a description of the item you want to sell. If your item has an ISBN or UPC number, you can enter that instead. Click Get Started.


EBay uses the description to categorize the item. The more detail you enter, the more likely the item will be categorized appropriately.

Step 3

Choose Condition

Choose the Condition of the item from the drop-down menu.


If the item hasn't been used, choose one of the "new" conditions. If the item has been used, choose Pre-Owned.

Step 4

Add Photos

EBay requires at least one photo for every listing. To add photos to your listing, click Add Photos.

Step 5

Choose Photo

From the pop-up, choose the photo you want to upload, and click Open.


EBay allows up to 12 photos with each listing for free. Repeat the process for each photo.

Step 6

Add Description and Price

Use the Details box to enter a more detailed description of the item than the title.


You can change the font and size of the text, use bold or italics or use the HTML editor for additional effects.

Step 7

Set Auction Price and Duration

Choose Auction or Fixed Price for the listing format. EBay suggests the format that typically sells better for the type of item, but you can choose either one. Enter your price.

For Fixed Price listings, there is an option to accept a best offer. Check the box if you are willing to consider other offers but don't want to use the Auction listing.

If you choose the Auction format, enter the Starting price, the Buy it Now price and the Listing Duration.


If you want to start your listing on a different date, check the box to Schedule Your Listing's Start Time and choose the date to start the listing.

Step 8

Choose Shipping Options

Enter your ZIP code for the item's location. EBay estimates how much USPS First Class shipping will cost for the item from the location. If the estimate is acceptable, continue to the next step. You can also choose Offer Free Shipping, Select Shipping Myself or Offer Local Pickup Only.


Letting eBay select shipping for you gives you additional benefits, such as the option to print mailing labels from your eBay account and discounts on shipping rates.

Step 9

Preview Your Listing

Choose your Handling Time and Return policy from the drop-down menus. To see your listing preview, click Preview.


You can choose to have the item automatically re-listed up to two times if it doesn't sell during the first listing duration.

Preview and List

Check your preview for any necessary edits or additions. After you preview the listing, close the preview, make any edits and click List It.


You also have the option to Save for Later if you want to make edits but need to wait.

Preparing to Ship

After you've listed your item, prepare it for shipping. Place it in an appropriate package with packaging materials, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, to protect it during shipping. Leave the mailing package open until the item sells so you can place a thank-you note, packing slip or receipt in the package.

When the item sells, promptly complete the order. If you used the option to let eBay select shipping for you, you can print the shipping label from your eBay account. Add the thank-you note, packing slip or receipt, seal the package and mail the item to the buyer.


Buyers look at a seller's rating when making the decision to buy. After your buyer receives the item, politely ask for a rating to build a good reputation.