How to Prepare a Company Budget

By Chris Yokum

Prepare a company budget for your business. Every successful entrepreneur and business owner knows the importance of creating a budget. Not only does it come in handy during tax season, but it will give you an easy way to look at the financial state of your company. With a few simple tips, you'll soon learn how to prepare a company budget.

Things You'll Need

  • Expense listMonthly profitsAccounting software

Step 1

Use accounting software that will guide you through making a business budget. This will prove to be an extremely useful tool when it comes to preparing a company budget. Almost every professional business owner has access to accounting software to help them make smart financial business decisions for spending. A few examples of accounting software that you will be able to use are Quickbooks, Peachtree and Quicken Home and Business.

Step 2

Calculate your projected expenses and profits for the business. In the beginning stages of creating a company budget plan, you'll need to estimate these costs. Once you have figured out the approximate amount of profits your business will generate, you'll then be able to better plan out how much to spend on expenses.

Step 3

Determine the fixed expenses for operating your business. This will be an important step for making a company budget. Enter these figures into your chosen accounting software. During the initial setup phase of your accounting software, you'll be asked to enter in each expense account into the system. Having all of these in a neat list will make it much easier to generate business reports when necessary. Add expenses such as office space rent, business loan repayments, and insurance payments to your monthly fixed expenses.

Step 4

Figure out the variable expense that will allow your business to run. Regular monthly costs such as employee wages, business supplies and telephone bills may vary from month to month. Although these costs change often, you'll still need to keep track of them. Without following the spending patterns of these expenses will place your business at financial risk.

Step 5

Create a profit goal for your business budget. This goal will help you to determine the minimum amount of monthly profits required to make your business survive. Another important reason for setting a specific profit goal for your business is to discover how well your business is doing. Increasing more profits for your business should be your ultimate financial goal.

Step 6

Monitor your business budget regularly. Instead of just spending blindly, you must view and print out financial reports of your business spending. Doing this will provide you with an excellent way to see where your important company profits are being spent. Set up a specific company budget for your business and stick to it. Compare the monthly figures to determine how well your business is prospering. Adjust your spending habits according to how much money you've made for the month.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always balance your business finances with a budget.
  • Don't make large business purchases without checking your profit and expense data first.

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