How to Prevent Cell Phone Spyware

By Andrew Smith

Numerous cell phone users surf the Internet and download songs, pictures and other attachments on their mobile devices. Using your phone to do these things, however, opens up your phone to potential spyware attacks. Just as with your computer, spyware can cripple your cell phone and even result in your personal information being stolen. By using common sense and purchasing the right software, you can prevent cell phone spyware.

Step 1

Purchase a cell phone security software program. These programs are similar to the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that are used to protect computers from spyware and similar infections. You can even download a security program straight to your phone. See the link in the Resources section for more information.

Step 2

Turn your Bluetooth off when you aren't using it. This can help to prevent individuals from sending you text or picture messages that contain spyware.

Step 3

Open only text message attachments sent by people that you know. Spam messages sent by other cell phone users often contain spyware that can damage your cell phone. If you receive a message that you know is spam, contact your cell phone company. The company can block that number from sending a message to your cell phone in the future.

Step 4

Sign up to receive ringtones and other attachments from trustworthy websites. There are a plethora of websites that claim to send free ringtones to your cell phone. Unfortunately, many of these websites will send spyware to your phone along with the file you requested. Myxer and PhoneZoo (see Resources) are two websites that offer ringtones without any spyware.

Step 5

Use caution when using the Internet on your cell phone. Going to the wrong website could result in having to deal with viruses and spyware on your cell phone. Only go to websites that you are familiar with and that you can trust.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you believe that your cell phone is already infected with spyware, remove the battery immediately. Then, take your phone to a local cell phone store. The support staff at the store should be able to remove the spyware from your phone. If they cannot, you may need to send your phone in to the manufacturer for repairs.
  • Only download an anti-spyware program for your phone from a website that you can trust. Just as with computers, many programs that claim to be anti-spyware may actually add spyware to your cell phone. The first link in the Resources section below is a cell phone security program that will not add spyware to your phone.