How to Prevent Static Electricity In Your Home

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you ever reached out to touch someone or something only to be shocked? This is the result of static electricity in the air. Not only can it be shockingly painful, but static electricity can also fry electronics - like your computer - in the right circumstances. Here are a few tips to prevent and eliminate static electricity in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Antistatic mats
  • Surge protectors
  • Humidifier

Step 1

Lift your feet up when you walk. Ya, that's right, static electricity is charged by shuffling your feet across the carpet. It's the same concept as rubbing a balloon against your hair. Lifting your feet up when you walk will greatly reduce static electricity charges in your body.

Step 2

Place antistatic mats in the high traffic areas of your home and around electronics. These mats prevent static electricity from being charged and transferred between the floor and your body. Placing one under your computer chair where your feet rest will defuse static electricity transferred from your computer to your person.

Step 3

Install humidifiers around your house. Dry air is ideal for static electricity to form. Humidifiers are compact and add much needed moisture to the air in your home. These are especially import in the winter months where the air tends to be dryer. Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any home supply or home goods store.

Step 4

Install tile or hard wood flooring. Carpet is a big contributor for charging static electricity into large enough amounts to be felt.

Step 5

Plug any appliances and electronics into surge protectors. This will protect things like your computer and TV from being fried by a large power surge.