How to Print a Large Image on Multiple Pages

By Bridget Conn

Printing a large image on multiple pages involves one simple adjustment in your computer's image editing software. An image can be printed to multiple pages on regular-sized copy paper as well as larger paper, depending on the printer. Many home desktop printers can handle several different paper sizes. Just keep in mind that because the image is large, its resolution might be an issue.

Step 1

Load your printer with as much paper as you need for multiple prints. You might want to purchase photo-grade printer paper if you need high-quality copies. Photo-grade paper is available at office supply stores.

Step 2

Open your image file in the imaging editing software available on your computer. Make any adjustments to contrast or color as necessary or desired.

Step 3

Navigate to the image options available in your editing software if the file is not already sized to the your desired dimensions. You can increase the image size by typing in new dimensions, but the print might be grainy. It's best to start with a high resolution file that has room for adjustment.

Step 4

Click "File" in the upper left corner of your screen, then click "Print." This will open a dialog box with a series of options. Click the box labeled "Print Properties."

Step 5

Choose the desired print quality desired. This usually ranges from a term like "Draft" on the low end to "Best Photo" on the high end term.

Step 6

Select the type of paper you will use. The default option should be plain paper. If you are using photo-grade paper, read the information that came with your paper for suggestions on which option to select. If no information is available, choose a setting that corresponds to whether the paper is glossy or matte. Click "OK" to return to the initial Print dialog box.

Step 7

Enter the number of copies you want in the box where "Number of Copies" is listed, then press "Print." It should print out the number of copies you entered.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are printing an image on paper larger than 8.5 by 11 inches, you should get photo-grade paper and use a high resolution file. The minimum resolution for a photographic print is 150 dpi (dots per inch), although a dpi of 300 will produce the best results.
  • If your computer has no imaging software, right-click on the name of the file and selecting "Print." This will start the computer's built-in printer wizard. No options exist for image editing, but you can print multiple copies with this function.