How to Print CD Labels for Free

By Tina Amo

Many people label newly recorded CDs with a marker. This may be more convenient, but CD labels provide a professional appearance. Also, according to, markers contain solvents that can leak through the disk and eventually damage it. You can create free CD labels with label paper and a printer.

Things You'll Need

  • CD labels

Step 1

Visit a website offering free CD label templates. Such websites include HP and (see under Resources).

Step 2

Select and download the appropriate label size for your CD. Some websites arrange the label templates according to the brand of labels that they will fit.

Step 3

Open the file you just downloaded in a word processing program. Most sites will offer a version of the template in Microsoft Word.

Step 4

Click within the circular diagram on the page, representing the CD label, and type a title for the CD. Use the tools on the toolbar to edit the text. You can select a different font, change the text color and increase or decrease its size.

Step 5

Print the label. Place a blank label sheet into your printer, label side down. Click the printer icon to print the label. Some websites advise that you disable the "Fit to page" option in the printer dialog box so that the label prints in the right size.

Step 6

Peel the label off the paper and stick it to the matte side of the CD. The shiny side of the CD contains the data. Smooth the label to remove any air bubbles.