How to Print Dates on Digital Photos

By Jason Artman

If you have a large library of digital photos, you may find it difficult to remember exactly when you took each one. Many digital cameras have the ability to embed the current date in the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data of each picture, but when Windows prints the picture, the printed version does not contain the EXIF data. Whether your goal is to modify your existing pictures to include the dates when you print them or to include the date in all future photos that you take, there are multiple options for including the date in printed pictures.

Step 1

Configure your digital camera to add a date stamp to each photo. The ability to do this depends on the particular camera model; look for an option such as "Date Stamp" or "Add Date" in the camera's menu options. In order for this feature to work correctly, you must configure the date in the camera's settings and re-enter the date each time you change the battery. This method has two drawbacks: It does not add the date to your existing photos, and you cannot remove a date stamp from a photo without cropping it.

Step 2

Download and run Photo Dater (see Resources). The application is free and does not require installation. Select a radio button to indicate whether you want to add a date stamp to just one photo or all of the photos in a folder. Click a radio button in the upper-right corner of the screen to indicate whether you want to add dates using the EXIF data in each photo, or another date of your choosing. Click the "Change Color" and "Choose Font" buttons to change the appearance of the date stamp, and then click a radio button in the bottom-right corner of the image to choose the location of the stamp. Click "Date Photos" to process the selected pictures.

Step 3

Open Microsoft Paint. This utility is included with all Windows operating systems. If you have difficulty finding the shortcut, open the Start menu and type "Paint" in the search field. Click the blue "Paint" button, select "Open" and locate the picture that you want to add a date stamp to. Double-click the picture to open it in Paint. Click the "Text" icon in the "Tools" area at the top of the window, then click in the corner of the image to make a cursor appear. Type the date that you want to appear on the picture, and click the "Save" button to save the image with the date stamp.

Tips & Warnings

  • After adding a date stamp to an image using the methods described in this article, you can print the image using the application of your choice. The date stamp will appear on the printed result.